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Okay guys I just installed a new Blitz EGT... still havent intalled the probe.. (going to have that done by MPH Unlimited)

Anyways.. the wires that the probe connects to on the back of the guage are really short and I would need to run the probe wires all the way upto the guage.. I didnt want to do that.. so I got extra wire I had aroound and ran these connections to the engine bay.

This way when the probe is installed, it will make it alot easier to make the final connections..

now this is my question... while buttoning up everything, I noticed the egt gauge jumping around a bit.. i figured out that when I wiggle the wire the gauge moves too.... at first I thought that the wires had a bad connection, but the wires are way long and would not move the connection all the way in the car...

so I connected them to the probe (outside the dp, in ambient air) and giggled it again.. no movement.. is this normal or am I just worring for nothing..

Thanks guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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