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Blitz FMIC install help?

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Any tips would be appreciated, or online documentation would be great. Of course the instructions are in Japanese! Just purchased a new Blitz FMIC kit. The smaller of the 2 sold, it is about the size of the Greddy 3 row.
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I just went by the pictures and it seemed to be enough whenever I've done the BLITZ... It should be pretty straight forward like any other FMIC. What exactly are you having a problem with?
Nothing yet, I was just looking for an online article someone has written or some knowledge of what other people have had problems with.
I see... Well you shouldn't worry much, it's pretty straight forward and when you start installing it you'll see the car was meant to have one in there and it will fall into place;)
BLITZ usual provides decent pictures so along with that just remember there are plenty of us on here that have done them or similar ones so there's help if you get stuck...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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