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Blitz rad. cap

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Anyone know where i can find a blitz rad. cap? I tried suprastore, powerhouse, titan m.s. and sp. I seen this once and just liked the way it looked. Any help would be much appre.
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Did you try the Blitz web site?
Yeah, they had the part #, thank's .
Why not TRD?

I bought the TRD cap because it is, well, TRD. It provides a functional benefit over stock, and looks pretty nice too. What is the deal with the Blitz cap? I didn't know they offered one.

Shoot me a e-mail, I can get you one. [email protected] I can get allmost anything Blitz including the new thin gages.

The Blitz cap raises the operating pressure of the cooling system, same as the TRD cap. Just gives you a different look.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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