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Blitz SBC ID and single?

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Are there are forseeable problems in using the new blitz SBC-ID ebc with a single turbo and all the things that go along with it? Im planning on either using this controller or the HKS EZ. Any advantages to either one over the other? Anyone running a single with the SBC ID?
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yeah...i have the same question. i just picked up my new blitz SBC i-D and the Power Meter i-D last night. i plan on getting it installed next friday....but still curious if there will be any problems when i switch over to a single turbo setup
What makes you guys think there would be any problems? I'm running an SBC-ID and a Power Meter with my TTC Supra. I hope there isn't any problems because I just picked up a PHR Stage 1 turbo kit from Dusty at MVP. Anyone else?
The only difference I can think of is that you will be able to use the "Auto" function with only 1 turbo. :)
Hey CARL and did you guys post your pics like that?
Hey CARL and did you guys post your pics like that?
click the "user cp" button up top ^^

then click the "edit user profile" or something tab

scroll down to the signature box and enter the info you want.

to post a picture, type this without the space by the brackets..
[ img]URL of your picture[/img ]
I have had zero problems BPU or APU, But the auto function has and even slower responce at APU.

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