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Blitz SBD i-c boost controller help

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on the solonoid the IN & OUT vac line ports, how are they hooked up?

IN to hot pipe?
OUT to Actuator/wastgate?

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nevermind got it
heyy man got the car boosting right?
Not really, i have Francisco helping me out later on the week. IM trying to narrow it down. im gonna be driving it all this week since the 240 is getting a new rear bumper added on and fixing the front lip and some rust.
i have the silver one. its pretty nice, ill try to post pics tmrw.
I have one, LMK if you have any ?'s..

in case it didn't come with a manual.. SBC i-D manual.pdf
U the man, thanks. my instructions were missing pages..:)

Can you explain the GAIN fuction for me, and how to set it. I know it sets respnse time but how do i choose the right number?

Thanks again
Gain works on a 0-100% scale.

The more duty cycle you run, the more gain you run.

The more gain you run, the faster and stronger your boost comes on, if you set your gain too high you'll have boost spikes. If I were you I'd just keep adding gain until you hold boost 100% to redline.. and then I'd turn it up a lil' more ;)

I was having huge problems running 25 PSI on my car with the boost falling off (external WG), I was running 45% gain.. I finally played with it and turned it all the way up to 90% before it would even hold to redline.

long story short, the duty cycle is how much boost you hit, and gain is how hard/fast it hits and how long it holds that boost.

You'll notice automatic mode is a lil' laggy, I'd definately recommend playing with the manual mode with the gain. You'll hit higher boost faster then you hit your WG spring's rate..
I see, Nice nice..

The manual recomends gain at 5-15 for NoN external wastegates. i have a stock ct right now so i have it set to 8. didnt know what it did but ill play with it.

To play i go...
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