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I was wondering if any members on this forum have the blitz twin turbo kit on the MKIV?

If so I have a few questions for ya.
1. How bad is the lag on that turbo system, is it like a smaller single setup, or is it more like a larger turbo.
2. With a stall convertor on an automatic do you believe that it would be too laggy for the car.
3. What kind of boost pressures and horsepower figures could be run with the proper fuel mods.

I'm trying to decide between the Blitz kit or buying a T66 or maybe a T63. Any personal feedback would be great. I understand pretty much all of the theories, which would lead me towards a single, but I would really like to do twins on this car, but if it's not feasable with an Automatic, then I guess it's not.


Jesse Bergman
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