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Does it matter where you put your blow off valve (i.e. between the Turbo and the intercooler or between the intercooler and the manifold). Any benifits/disadvantages of one set-up over the other, or does it not matter either way? Thanks

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The closer to the throttlebody that the BOV is, the more responsive it will be.

What a BOV is trying to do is purge all the air before it backs up against the throttleplate and goes back into the turbos. If you have it off the TB, then you will keep most of the system pressurized (i.e. intercooler and plumbing), if you have it close to the turbo's (i.e. near the stock location or on the primary IC pipe, it will work fine, but may not be as responsive and may be a little more laggy.

However, all this being said: You probably would not notice a major difference wherever you mounted it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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