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Well after 177,000 miles my n/a 90 supra finally gave up and threw a rod. Its been two weeks now and im finally able to order another jdm n/a from rising sun engines, as there website seemed informative. I also emailed them so everythings seems to be in order, but I'm going to place order over the phone.Typically when u blow the motor they say to replace the oil pump so I belive I'm going to go this route since I threw a rod and all.I also noticed that the radiator is shot, so that also has to be replaced.I was planning on going the gte route bout after shipping and all expenses, and the extras
ie intercooler,piping, ecu, afm, ect. So my new goal is a na-t. They guy that doing the motor swap was able to locate me a manifold and turbo at his shop, so Ive lucked out there so now I have my foot in the door, but I just want my car back running in full.
I figure might as well do the head gasket and arp bolts, and also get a walboro fuel pump.Just a few small things that can help later.If the cars up and running (which it probly wont be) Id like to make the supra meet here in ky 15/16 or somthing like that.Hope I dont bore anyone to death with this thread.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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