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Bltiz Power ID setup

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I have the SBCID and power id combo and I want to make sure I have it calibarated correctly...

I set the weight for 3600 lbs (including me and a tank of gas) and I set the power reduction to -5 as specified on the blitz site..

and recommendation or is this as correct as I can get it?
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Yes that's right. I still don't know how much the Supra really weighs though, my car registration says it weighs 1606kg = 3540lbs empty. So with fuel and driver that is certainly more than 3600lbs.

Does anyone know why, according to the Power Meter manual, the loss factor is minus 5 for the Supra and for all the other cars in the manual it is zero or a positive number. Seems to me they are trying to portray the Supra with more power than it actually has.

hmm.. I guess I will set mine to 3800lbs... that would take care of any gas and me... and some luggage if any...

what type of numbers are you getting with what mods?
i think i have my speed output wire hooked up wrong because everytime i try to calibrate it says"calibration error" could one of you guys help me out, please be very specific on which wire! I'll post results as soon as i am running right. thanx
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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