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Hello everyone,

for a while I’ve been looking for a new daily driver since my 03 sequoia hauler was running on it’s last leg and simply wanted to get rid of it.

this was my chance to get a daily I’ve wanted. got back into a small car and something decently fun. as my quest began I’ve been looking at 2nd Gen Lexus IS250’s AWD for the winter, I’ve searched for weeks and could not find the correct combo I wanted (Black/Black). one popped up on for 12k with 25K miles, and it was sold right under my nose unfortunately. there were many others that showed up with the combo however the condition was not in the best shape nor did it appeal to me.

giving up on the 250’s the next level up would be the IS350’s. Alright, 100HP more. found a decent amount of them in black/black combo However it was RWD. finding an AWD yet again came impossible to search for. giving the price for the 2nd Gen IS250/IS350’s the 350’s were not too far in price with the ISF.

this was my chance to own my 2nd dream car, Japanese V8 Muscle. 4 doors, decent trunk, black interior and above all my favorite color, Blue. however being RWD which was my biggest compromise for winter I decided to pull the trigger anyways on one.

after speaking to the owner Chris the car had a very clean history with many service records. some minor imperfections that really didn’t bother me which I will fix over time. the car had 96K miles when I purchased it. for 19K it wasn’t a bad deal at all. a little more past my budget but with the color/interior combo i could not pass it up.

Minor imperfections:

Two rock chips on windshield

small paint blemish on rear driver quarter panel.

Mod List:

JoeZ PTS Catback Exhaust

Takada Intake

Apexi Throttle controller

BC Coilovers with Swift Springs

RR Racing Catchcan

Future Mod list:

HKS Hipermax IV GT coilovers

PPE Headers

PPE cutback Exhaust with True Dual Mode.

Possible (NOVEL Headers/Exhaust) = Ferrari sound

OS Giken LSD

Widen Stock OEM wheels:

Front 19x8 to 19x9.5 +45 offset

Rear 19x9 to 19x11 +57 offset

Plan on running 275 tires up front and 305's in the rear.

Powdercoat OEM calipers to USB with some flake

Powdercoat OEM wheels to OEM Charcoal Grey color

Refresh motor, throw in JE pistons 12:1 compression

Ported Head

Replace lower window molding trims.

I purchased the car on November 15th with 96K miles flat, and now she has 104K miles. driving hard and reliable. I told myself i would not mod this car but I had the itch for it already. Granted owning a supra thats in the process of being built and an ISF would kill my pockets already but i decided to do simple bolt ons to this car and make about 420WHP.

I recently changed the Trans fluid, oil, spark plugs, alignment (Lance spec), and also did a compression test. this was while the motor was somewhat warm while being serviced. compression came out to be 190-220-200-210-185-198-205-205 given that it’s somewhat still healthy and as long as it has over 185+ the motor should be fine from talking to a local ISF owner who built his and serviced mine. I would rebuild the motor to copy his specs eventually later down the line. (Yes I know, I’m sick)

Anyhow enough with my blabbering as usual, Welcome everyone to my new daily 2008 Lexus IS-F

Blue Dawn

Picture as advertised.
56374692615__A4F0A92F-658A-4851-8233-3982E4194B33 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

first fill up, don't mind the long hair.
IMG_4284 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

As the modding began I opted for used 2011 headlights (2K brand new from dealer LOL fuck that). added side skirts and a front ip that came from the car that the owner just threw in for free. also picked up some iForged wheels from a local friend that sold his IS-F. overall the car came out great and one of my friends decided to take photos of the car.

IMG_5285 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

IMG_5390 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

IMG_5388 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

10800251504_IMG_9088 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

10800109664_IMG_9132 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

10799322608_IMG_9143 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

10800106496_IMG_9247 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

10800084912_IMG_9103 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

IMG_5371 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr


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congrats! looks really the color

are those oem exhaust tips?

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You know I approve.


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Clean and sexy as always

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Congrats on the IS-F! I love mine and you'll love it more once you go FBO ("Full Bolt On") and RRTune. Get rid of the Takada Intake...doesn't do anything but add sound and actually kill power! The only intake that has proven to help is the RR Racing Tuned Intake. Congrats again, and have fun!

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Hello, little update on the daily. Nothing crazy but installed a OS Giken LSD and made the car feel more alive and predictable. I bought GSF wheels from Steve K, and immediately had them widened to 19x11. Def updates the car… just few minor mods then she’ll be a good daily

Hit 200K miles as well

summer I will do some body work with a new bumper and fresh paint on the bumpers and hood.

upgrading to RCF/GSF front brakes, new fender liners and shields. New bushings.

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Looking real good, Tuan. From experience, I can tell you, you're going to love that OSG LSD.

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Looking real good, Tuan. From experience, I can tell you, you're going to love that OSG LSD.

thanks Ken, it’s all because of you I went down the little bunny hole. But SO WORTH IT. SIV this year if possible… if the car lives…
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