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My car was smoking BAD while revving high when warm. The smoke was blue. I don't think the valves are the problem because the car seemed to smoke while accerating, and not decelerating. After driving the car for about twenty minutes I stopped and revved it again. There was no blue smoke. There was a little smoke, but it was black. My car was just at the mechanics, and he changed the oil. I'm thinking he put 10w-20 oil in the car, or w/e TSRM reccomends. If this is the case, do you guys think the oil was thin on a cold engine and got past the piston rings to burn through the exhaust? The car has 130k miles on it. Maybe once the car warmed up, the oil thickened, and was no longer able to pass the piston rings. What do you guys think? BTW- the oil pressure seems fine. Thanks!

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