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Blueprints needed from MK4

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Hi guys, i've got a nice hobby called 3D Modelling (see for more information) and i do model a lot of cars. Since i'm out of ideas for cars i decided to go for a MK4 Supra.

However, i will need some blueprints. If you want to know exactly what i mean by that, have a look at he has some blueprints, but none good from MK4.

Can you guys please help me out ?

Thanks in advance
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Anybody ? Please ?
Try the colission section of the service manual. Most service manuals have measured drawings of the chassis and major body panels. It's probably not quite what you're looking for, but you could at least get a rough wireframe going and fill it in with other reference material.
Hey that would be an idea, but unfortunately, i'm running MK3's, so i don't have a manual of a MKIV. Could someone perhaps make a quickscan ?
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