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BMW 740 - decent?

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I'll be trading in my lease somewhat the wheels are turning. I want to spend <@20k formy next daily and I need something that can carry people/stuff, ride well/sporty and have a timeless beauty.

I know BMWs arent the most relaible cars out there...but there sure are a bunch of them with 150k+ miles for sale. It seems like well maintained and non beaten cars hold up pretty well.

Ive always loved the look of the 740 and they are pretty damn cheap. (<20k)

Are these cars relatively reliable? A good friend/customer has a BMW shop where he does everything from resto to daily maintenence. He also makes cool race cars. HE has nothing but praise for the car...but I like SFOT for its objective approach and broad reach.

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I'm getting one soon, had one before too, real great car.

Just watch out for the usual problems, Nikasil on the 4000 cc engine, Vanos on the 4400cc (but not as much as the E39 M5 engine), windows regulators, radiators are consumables, powersteering leaks (note the correct use of oil, the ones with self leveling suspension require pentosin synthetic oil, not atf) A/C evaporators go after some years, engine should not misfire (was a leaking valve cover gasket on mine, not expensive but kind of hard to replace) AFM's are not the best. All electronics should work correctly when you buy the car, don't take one with ABS or traction control problems as they can be expensive/nightmare to fix. the interior wears really nicely on those. I do not recommend the M-parallel wheels, they simply destroyed my back (and I'm still young), If you are getting one with the step-tronic tranny just make sure it shifts well without hesitation (the old tranny could handle more torque iirc). The tranny oil SHOULD be changed too, even though BM says its lifetime, I'm not very sure of the procedure, because there is no dipstick.....
Highly recommended car, unless if you beat-up/ignore them. check german used car websites, some of them have 400k+ Km's on them!!!
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Oh, and the pixels die in the intstrumental cluster, if you have them in the A/C temp controls they die too.
PM SofaKingFast - he has a 2001 740iL Sport. He was gonna sell it, but just can't bear to part with it. He might have some better info for you.
Thansk guys.
Where was this thread? What's going on here? Are you going to buy it? :yum:

I think one of these days I will just have to drag you to go shopping with me.
I might hold my FX lease for another year....I have such a smoking deal it just make sense.

True, Ill be back in a year ;)
If it's good enough for The Transporter, it's good enough for you.

Anyone know if they ever made a manual tranny in one of those ?
Excellent car, The Transporter was modeled after me. Obviously.

The car came with a Steptronic Automatic in 99. In our country there are some super rare grey market Euro imports that had factory installed manuals otherwise. 6-Speed manual swaps are also surprisingly popular considering the type of car that it is.

I'll be watching. ;)
E38 with Manual Tranny in Europe is quite normal. I have no idea how they drive it with no hand-brake to pull!!!
Interesting you say that because the total number of manual 7 series models actually outnumber automatics.
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