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Ok, a few questions. Ill make them brief. Converting my 90T to a manual. The part car that I have is an 88T. First question. Do I have to swap the differential since Im changing the transmission? And, I have the block pulled with the tranny attached. All bolts removed, how do u remove the damn tranny? We have been pryin, but seems like its spring loaded or some shit. Ideas?

OoOo HKS Super Drager. Hooked up to the BIC test pipe/ddp beautifully. Sounds great.

Front lip. Gonna remove the screen door grating shit and do horizontal stainless bars across. Covered up the fog light holes to give it a sleeker look, and I hate foglights :)

Shaved side signals and the flared front fender. FAR from done, just primered it real quick to give u guys a glimpse.

Another look at the front fender

Another look, and how it blends with the side skirt.

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Rear fender. Blends with side skirt. Killed that seam from body to that rubber panel. Goin for the sleekest look possible ;) And in the meantime destroying this poor car in the process ;)

Another look at rear fender. Molded the kit to the frame. No seams. No seams. Curious to see how this will come out :)

Look from the rear at the flared fenders. Gonna be able to fit quite a fatter tire on the back :)

Removed trim and closed that seam up from the light fixture to the frame.

Look at the full rear

The block we pulled yesterday from the 88T.

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wow that should look sick, i wonder what that would look like combined with some regulus hmmmmmmm....

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Ya...widebody :) Threw up the sideskirts....and they totally didnt fit the body. So, we werent really left with a choice, had to go with the widebody.

About the rear bumper, I am not the most experienced supra guy out there, and when ordering a qaulity body kit, I failed. I wasnt really too stoked on the bomex ones, wanted something with a more aggressive stance. So I was checkin out the Do-Luck stuff. Way to expensive. I decided to go with the Extreme Dimensions Front and rear with bomex sides. Extreme Dimensions makes GARBAGE (I find this out later and the supplier or manufacturer dont do returns). The kit was cracked and totally deformed. I wish I had a pic before we modified. The rear is probably 10% original fiberglass. We made the custom exhaust hole for the drager..I love the look. :)

Zi4Life - lemme know how that sounds with the nur spec ;) bet that shit will pop

Jon B - thx for the tip dude

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I see you are going for the shaved BIC Supra look :biggrin: , just dont paint it silver.

Did you just fill the molding lines with filler or did you weld them up first?, I hope you welded in some sheet metal first, I would hate to see you do all that work and have it crack a year later, I have seen it before.

Also another word of advice, scince you did all that work flaring out the fenders, cut out more of the inside of the lip so you can fit wider tires/rims. I left it stock while I did the fender and lip mods, and when I tried to fit 275's they rubbed the inside of the lip. I had to trim it out and re seal and paint it.

Props to you for doing something original and different, it should look sweet when its done. :bigthumb:

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Ahh yes, the BIC look ;) I think the car takes huge leaps without the trim, although if I realized how much work it would be, I woulda just shaved em down :). But yes, we did weld in some sheet metal. A note for anyone who does this. When welding these peices (or hell, anything), use a cross stitch method and TAKE ALOT OF TIME. We sort of hurried it up in a few spots and the god damn doors warped which just added more time to this, and could easily of been avoided.

BIC - about cutting out the inside of the lip, how much did u cut off? Great timing on that, since we gonna be doin the fiberglass resin in like an hour :fruit: . And thx for the quality ddp and test pipe, bolted up with ease and sounds great :)

polobai - ya np, if u guys want pix of a certain part lemme know

Acroth - pretty close to the paint process, have to do one more fender, and a few other little things...prolly painted in like a month, tops.

Stratoayu - Since the stock color is white and I dont wanna paint the damn engine bay, wanted to stick with a white color or pearl. Think we goin with the GM white, looks like a glass of milk. Ive never seen the white pearl tho. The color can change on a dime so suggestions are welcome :)

Can anyone answer that differential question in the first post? Am I retarded? haha. Thanks in advance.
peace :drama:

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ok im dumb and confused about the rear quarter panels. did you fiberglass your own flares or what. BTW i have that from bumper and plan on getting bomex side skirts eventually. my bumper came in great shape with the gel coat intact. now that i see the car with the trim gone i wish i would have done that as well. hurry up and finish i want to see final project in huge high resolution pictures :stickpoke

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yup, i love custom work, even if it doensnt look great, but i appriciate all the time put into it. in your case it looks awesome, and i cant wait till see what it will look like when its 100% done

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Shinobu - Ive looked at all the different wheel many different types fit the car...Was thinking the gloss black rims with a chrome 18's...but Im sure they would weigh a shit ton. Tryin to find a happy medium between style and weight. Any good suggestions/pix are welcome.

Supraguru05 - Definetly glasses them myself, the whole damn car has been reworked :) And if u look at the pix, the entire kit, including skirts, are already on...wouldnt make much sense to add something after doing all that work ;)

Supragook - ahh yes, the itchin might be the most annoying part of this whole project ;)

Took the head off of the 88T block. HG was intact (good sign), and the cylinder walls seemed to be in decent shape. Lots of black shit (carbon deposits?) on the valves and on the pistons..
The lady got rid of it cause she said it was overheating...Jee golly, wonder why.........

Some of the cooling channels completely filled with some orangish, yellowish, blackish rock hard shit.

Look at the cyclinder

Look at the valves

Building this block form the ground up, if u guys see anything that stands out as a problem, lemme know :). Any suggestions r welcome. peace
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