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What a crappy day..

I'm driving on the highway, and I feel the loss of control of the car, so I drive to my friend's house which was nearby and take a look at the tire.. flat.

The rear driver's side tire is flat.. no matter, so I take out the jack and the wheel lock key and start to take off the bolts.. I get to the wheel lock and the wheel lock key keeps slipping off. I take a look at the wheel lock and it's cracked.. so the wheel lock fits, but doesn't fit snugly enough so that I can torque it off..

My question is how can I take my tire off? Seems to me at this point that I have to take it somewhere to get this fixed.. any idea on how much it'll cost me? What should I do now? Are most shops able to fix this?

I'm pretty frantic and upset at this point.. I've spent the past 6 hours trying to get that tire fixed. Lucky for me, it happened when all the tire shops are closed, so I gotta hitch a ride over to my friend's house tomorrow and see what I can do.

Thanks in advance for any help.. I really appreciate it.
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