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This happened sometime in March...

Went out to Annapolis for one reason or another... Headed back towards civilization on 50 West... and notice a nice silver zo6 up ahead... It's still aways from the Beltway, so there is plenty of room to play... I eased up beside him and hoped that he wouldn't be intimidated by the drone of my Flowmasters...

Pull up beside and its a young guy, hopefully he wants to play... I mouth the words "nice car" then goose the gas so he could see the fury of my five liter, like a rott straining against a chain... He gets the idea, and even having witnessed the power of this windsor, he is still willing to race, brave soul, we slow down a bit. I sign three honks and begin to honk... Since I know the outcome, I steal the hit and take off on the second honk ;)...

Damn my car sounds nice, oh no, that's his... Sounded stock when he was cruising 80ish, but now he is drowning out the sound of my car completely! He tears past me and lays down a patch going into what I believe is forth four him, I was at about 110 he obviously was going alot faster... I'm just watching him disappear like a rock dropped down a well.. I saw white smoke and got a whiff of nitrous... Bastard sprayed a near stock 5.0 lol... After what seems like an eternity I catch up to him again, and give him a big thumbs up as I laugh at my own death and he just smiled at me with the biggest cheshire cat grin, I've seen in quite some time...

I wanted to go again, straight up this time, but his exit came and he got off... I was impressed by his car, and if anybody knows what the hell type of exhaust displays those characteristics let me know...

Nice Guy,
Cool Car,
Wicked Exhaust,
Bad Spanking...

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at least you tried

A T-Rex going "Rawr!"
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They make a 'PRT' exhaust for C5's. Its straight thru but has mufflers, when you get on it it by passes the mufflers.
Check out the corsa and B&B exhausts on that page. You can see how it would be LOUD with enough exhaust pressure to by pass the half-assed mufflers.
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