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No boost past 10lbs (no boost at all on 2nd turbo)

Car is BPU...

Blows white smoke...

No death wine...

What could be wrong, blown IC pipe or vaccume hose loose?
I dont think its a blown second because there is no death wine at all. And I think that the car is blowing white smoke maybe because his valve seals are bad? The car has 110k miles on it.

It had a boost problem before because power steering fluid was being sucked into the intake.

Any opinions?

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Poweraddict (Brent, right? I met you at Speedlab this weekend!),

If you're getting 10psi of boost, and you aren't getting the death whine, then you COULD have what I did. A VSV was bad. This isn't uncommon, as I think there are about 7 different ones! Or, it could be a pressure tank. Or, it could be a small leak or split in the hose.

Can you describe the problem anymore? Is it a SOLID 10psi you can hold, or does it fluctuate? Can you feel the second turbo come online at all? What happens when it reaches the RPM level where the second should come on normally?


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i put different hoses on my car a while back and they didn't fit just perfect and sometimes one would pop off and i wouldn't have any boost on my second turbo so first thing i would do is check and see if any of the hoses came off
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