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I have a jdm twinn turbo stock motor in my sc300, should I get a boost cut controller. Or should I get a regular boost controller, like the one in my supra. But my supra has aem.
Whats the difference, witch one works better with a stock computer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For your SC300 you'll need both. In order to get any higher boost from the turbos, you'll need some kind of boost controller. Either that, or do the 'bleeder mod' for a super cheap option. Manual or electronic boost controller.....your choice.

The BCC is just a device that keeps the ECU from seeing the "true" boost level. If the ECU sees a higher boost level that it wants, it cuts fuel away. So, if you turn up the boost (via any method) and the stock ECU finds stops firing the injectors. There's lots of ways to do this as well (resistor mod, HKS, Greddy.....) and in the tech articles on they discuss the pros and cons of each one.

Or, you could get an AEM for the SC300 too :eek:)
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