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Boost Gauge, How Psi Watch Works?

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Hi To you all tech guys in the forum,

I just installed a SPI boost gauge in my car and at light trothle it jumps to zero then boost increases as I hit the trothle....But wen the car is crusing at steady velocity the boost goes down -20 or 25..

1)Does this mean that the Turbos are not been used?
Is this normal...Seems it only mesures PSI presure when the trottle is used otherwise it drops....

2) The second thing I want to know is if 15 PSI is normal for BCC, Downpipe and Exhaust...I though is a little high I was expecting like 13 top but my Auto is spiking at 15....

????????Is there is gong to be a lot more difference when get my EBC and go to 18?????????. Seems that I might be expending $300 for 3 PSI only Is it Woth it?


Thanks in advance
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the negative reading is vacuum and that is normal until you put a load on the motor then it should go to positive boost
Sony, TK

What about the 15 PSI and the difference that 18 PSI will do, Is it worth $300 for 3 PSI more(EBC)..Since my car is running 15 right now without it!!!!!!!!
If you're not planning on going single, just get a manual boost controller. Less than $100.
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