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Boost Gauge

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Anyone know of a boost gauge for a supra that displays psi instead of bar? This may be a stupid question and there may be tons of them out there but I just cant find any! Thanks
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defi a japanese brand expensive around 260
autometer 50 bucks for a 57 mm gauge

sumit racing sells both
summit racing
SPI makes one that displays PSI, Turbonetics carries one as well.
thanks alot guys, i like the autometer ones, i just ordered one of them :)
Along those same lines... Does anyone have a chart or know exactly how much psi =bar? When I go over 1 bar I have a tough time translating...



97 TT-6-speed
14k miles
stock for now
i some times wonde the same thing lets make this a topic question !

For those using laptops by car side while doin' repair or stuff, there are utils (avail free online) that can be installed so there's no need to go online for each conversion.
Post here if you need it. I'll try to email, either links or the real mccoy.

Jay :cool:
Anybody know where I can get the Defi gauges cheaper than summit. I like the way they look, and they are easy on the eyes
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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