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I did a boost leak test tonight as I'm still looking for my hesitation problem and I found a new leak that I need help diagnosing. The leak is coming from the crank ventilation port on the passenger side the one that vents back into the line before the turbo. I'm losing about 3-5psi a second from this area. The drivers side one seems to be working from what I can tell, still testing that one.

What could be the cause of it? I don't know if it is normal or if it is a blown valve cover gasket (no oil in plug valleys) or a head gasket(little to no oil being burnt and coolant is fine) I'm not sure what to do. I know I have a valve stem leak but I can't imagine its bad enough for that kind of output plus again little to no oil being burnt.

I think this is the reason for my hesitation but don't know where to start to fix it yet, and figured someone here might be able to help.

Any help is appreciated
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