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Hi Guys,

I have built a boost leak tester , by using a water bottle and an tyre valve from a rim. I put the water bottle into my accodeon hose, and I connected a compressor to it, to put air pressure on the system. Now the strange part: my boost sensor only show 0.05 bar and I hear a tshhh noise from my oil filler cap. When I remove the oil cap, the noise is gone, but it shows no boost at all. Should I retry the thing wihout the underpresure hoses on the accoreon hose, and close the openings? I saw an instruction for an boost leak tester, but it connected directly to the turbo and not to the accordeon hose, but i don't know what he did with the other hoses, which normaly connect to the accordeon hose.

I hope you guys can help me, because I believe I have pressure leak somewhere, as my car stutters under boost, and doesn't build boost properly. Could this also only be because it doesn't get enough fuel?

Thanks a lot

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