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Boost Lost due to Blowoff valve..what is right adjustment?

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Maybe someone can help me on this one...
Last night I tightened the blowoff valve screw in..and I finally ran 14 it went back to 11psi..(turbo xs dual stage bc)
How can I tell if the blowoff valve is letting out boost and how do you adjust it to be precise to hold boost..planning to hold 18psi stock turbos.

One more question..Every first start the engine cranks up in about 2 secs...but when shut off and try to start again it won;t fire up.. is my hks turbo timer hooked up wrong..or something else?
Thanks in advance
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I forgot to mention that I use a Greddy Type R Blowoff valve..pretty big..Thanks.
I think the GReddy Type R requires 18psi to open up. It is normally used for high boost applications.
Sur, how do you like the turbo xs dual stage BC? I am kinda thinking about giving it a try.
The DSBC from turbo is affordable and I can switch from low boost to high with a switch. I used to have the EVC4 but a headache to work with...Works well for me especially on street lauching cuz I can take off at low boost which minimized wheelspin and than switch on to high boost. Make sure you set the VPC fuel at high boost level.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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