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Boost.. Not making 18 psi..

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Me and my friend installed a TurboXS MBC, a BCC, and a boost gauge last night.

I haven't had time to get enough road to stretch my legs but I am making about 16psi in third gear, should i be able to make 18 in 2nd and 3rd? Does the gear even matter how much boost I can make?

How come I am not making 18? Will it go higher than 18 besides spiking?
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was it boosting at that level before? if so check your connections for leaks.
If you are checking boost after the ic it will be lower i check mine at the intake on the nipple pointing down at the driver tire just cut into with t adapter.. i get like 17 but its after the ic if before it will be higher.... hope that we checked this theory with 2 boost gauges.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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