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Boost problem with TTC Mod.....

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need help with TTC Mod.....

ok heres the deal i have
apexi avrc boost controller
hks ss bov
before i did the ttc mod last night the most I would hit in third with the controller off was 1.1.
after i did the ttc mod i took her for a test run! i Opened her up in third and hit 1.48bar with the boost controller OFF.:eek:

Q1.Does the TTC mod increase boost pressure some how ?????:confused:

Q2. do I have to recalibrate my AVC-R? :confused:

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance guys.

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1) TTC should not increase boost pressure unless you had a boost leak before. My boost stayed the same after I did TTC. I even completely removed the egcv and it stayed the same.

2) I calibrated my AVC-R after i did the ttc mod, so i dunno, but may as well be on the safe side.

im sure that what he need to do is recalibrate the AVC-R ..this should fix the problem !

i have no experience with the avc-r so i could not really tell him what to do !
but from what has been told to me you need to make some runs to calibrate this when you first put it in , so im sure after you go ttc you will need to recalibrate it again to have it working properly from what im understanding now!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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