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Boosting Problem..Is this normal ??

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Guys, here is my problem...
I'm in 1st gear...and i boost upto 14 pounds..I shift the gear, and sometimes it boosts upto 14-15 pounds without any problems, but sometimes i have to be pedal to the metal to get 14psi, otherwise it just sits anywhere between 3-5 psi..I let go of the gas for a few seconds, and its back to normal again. It boosts to 15 pounds with normal amount of throttle..

This happens from 1st gear to 2nd, and 2nd - 3rd, and 3rd - 4th..Is this normal ? I even replaced my stock BOV with the HKS SSQV BOV..

Any ideas, suggestions etc ?? Thank you in advance for your help.
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Here are my mods:
Greddy PE Exhaust
Greddy Airinx Intake
RMM Downpipe
HKS EVC EZ Boost Controller
Sorry, i forgot to mention that i have the HKS InterCooler HardPipe Kit too.
No idea what this could be ?? That sucks !!!
I think its just the way EZ works. I have it also, and since its almost like a manual boost controler, everything can effect its boost output. to get full boost, of course you need to go flat out,
I am assuming you are on HWY when you get 3-5 psi pushing the gas slightly cuz the engine load is building the boost for you.
If you are running sequential setup, than I think you are doing just fine, dont worry unless you start getting low boost.
Thanks ZeroSoul ! I appreciate your help !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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