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Hey guys, we were crawlin around under my car one day and found that the HKS DP has a spare 02 bung in it with a screwed in plug, so we jacked the wideband out of his 240 and threw it on my car real quick. All I have done is an Apexi intake, and a HKS DP that dumps under the car. I dont use a boost controller but it still runs 14.5-15 psi constantly under WOT. Anyways driving around normally and boosting a little (like 5psi) it runs a steady 13.0 A/R. Now I expected it to go way rich when I floored it because it usually spits a nice amount of black smoke like a good turbo car should. So we did a hard 2nd gear run up to 7,000 pushing 1 bar the whole way, the A/R ratio stayed right at 13 and dipped down to 12.7 a couple times for about 500 rpms, but mostly it stayed right around 13. Is that some good factory tuning or what? I know ideal A/R is 14.7, but a turbo car should run richer than that, I see alot of guys tuning for 11.5 and 12? Is 13 to lean?
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