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what im trying to do is go with the PHR map ecu instead of the vpc and need an wide band oxygen sensor. is this a good oxygen sensor? what do you guys recomend and price?

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Are you sure it actually acts as a wideband O2 controller? If so, it's probably designed for only one or two sensor types and you have to use what they specify.

I was under the impression that it could log the output of a wideband controller but it still required the external controller. It it actually acts as a WBO2 controller, it's a better buy than I thought it was even considering the PHR markup over what it sells for in NZ where there are multiple dealers.


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Straight from the horses mouth....

Hi Russ,

We are not trying to replace professional Air/Fuel ratio meters, it is only
designed as a very simple O2 voltage monitor. The O2 heater drive is
equally simple, it turns the heater on until the sensor generates at least
0.4V and then turns it off. If the sensor output drops below 0.4V again, it
will turn the heater on again. There is no compensation of the output
voltage based on O2 sensor temperature, etc.

You can log O2 voltage using the PC Software and display it as voltage or
Air/Fuel ratio using the conversion table built into the software.

Again, we do not promote this function as a replacement for professional
Air/Fuel ratio meters as we only monitor voltage rather than control the O2
sensor feedback loop. The LSM11 is a pretty good sensor but there are
better wide band sensors that cost considerably more, i.e. >$1000

I hope that helps.


So There's your answer.... too bad it doesn't do the same thing a full blown WBo2 controller does... would make it one HELL of a deal then. (compared to what's availble currently)

-Russ T
97 T6
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