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Ok gang, I Just had this turbo rebuilt for my MKII, and I haven't even had a
chance to put it on yet. There are a bunch of things going on right now in
my life and I need the extra cash instead of this turbo 8-(. I have another
one similar to it, and I'll use some of the money I get to rebuild that one, so
I can hopefully put it's twin on my car (its twin has the same specs :cool:.

T04E GTS Footprint, 4" inlet 2.5" outlet comprssor section.
58mm 62-1 Super HiFi Compressor Wheel
Oil and Water cooled center section
New Backplane
Compressor section is polished

Now for the really good parts :cool::
Brand new LIPP BOSS-550 rear housing P-Trim (STAINLESS STEEL)
P-Trim exhaust wheel
GTS bent wastegate bracket
Turbonetics (I think) wastegate (high spring single port)
rebuilt with the 360 degree thrust washer (+$80!)

I bought this turbo with the intent of having a wicked powerful MKII.

Now for the two questions you all wanna know:
1) how much power does it make
2) how much does it cost

1) This compressor section with a smaller stage 5 exhaust wheel and a worse
rear housing made 458rwhp at 17psi, and had full boost by 3000rpm. With the P-Trim exhaust and BOSS-550 rear housings this should make 450-475 on
pump gas and should EASILY get past the 500rwhp mark on 22 psi. With a
higher boost setting of say 28psi, this turbo should blow past the 550 mark
easily. Everyone always asks me "whats the best street turbo that will
give me 500+rwhp." The answer is this Turbo. This turbo is built as good as
it can be, and built to last. (rebuilt by Jon at MDC Motorsports)

2) I spent a little extra here and there to make this turbo a step above
because I was gonna use it for myself, hence the polished housing, new
backplane, 360 thrust washer, new stainless rear housing, new wastegate, new adapters, new lines, etc. yadda yadda.

I have $1400+ in this turbo, not including oil/water lines. I will include with this turbo new oil feed and return lines, and water feed and return lines and all fittings for oil/water lines. AND I'll pay shipping. This is basicly a P-trim
BOSS Turbo same as suprasport sells for less money, with more stuff.

Asking $1400 / obo (with lines and ME paying shipping (in the US))

[email protected]

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well i need a turbo can i see a couple pics and this will bolt up to all the stock stuff right thanks chris

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Ok, 1) I'm about to go on a trip until monday, so I'll try to answer the questions quickly.
This is EXACTLY like the BOSS-550 turbos, same exact manifold, etc that they have on
there website. its a 4" inlet, 2.5" outlet, stainless rear housing, its VERY well set up.
I'm sure you won't be disappointed. You will need a new 4" inlet air filter, and will also
need the N/A power steering bottle, but go look at suprasport's website at the pics of
the BOSS turbo... This is the exact same size as the GTS on they show on thier site.

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