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Can a BOV be too big to use with any setup? I have a Tial 50mm BOV which i planned to use for a t78 turbo on my built motor in the future. I decided to sell that turbo and go with a bigger garrett when the motor is ready. For now, I can use either that BOV or a Blitz supersound. The setup will be a GT32 73 trim .78ar turbo with a max boost of 10-12psi with water injection and good sized intercooler. I have a Tial 38mm WG on the way which i know may be a little small, but it will be upgraded when i drop in a built motor and go for more than 10-12 psi boost.

Basically my question is whether having the large 50mm Tial will hurt me on the current setup and in that case i should use the smaller Blitz or would the Tial be OK to use even though the turbo isnt huge.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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