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BPU - 12.91 @ 112.17 first time!

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There you have it....however my tires are totally bald now :eek:.

This was at the track in Sacremento. All at 18psi. I'm straight BPU. RMM, Super Dragger, K&N drop in, TurboXS Boost controller. Also all at 3.5K RPM drops.

The [email protected] was my first run ever :D.

I was running 50/50 92 and 100 octane. No headlight removed. Iced intercooler and throttle body. About 100 degree heat.

Best trap speed was 113.88mph with no headlight. This was around 9PM. Edge of daylight.

113.05mph WITH the headlight back in. Run at around 11:45pm.

I couldn't get a good time after the 3rd run. I guess that's where my tires were too bald to hook up.

Anyways, I'm looking for tires now...any suggestions??

I want something that I can use daily and will give me decent traction with longevity.

Any ideas? What can I hit with good tires? (Not drag radials).

Thanks y'all! :D

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Run the ngk 3330s, They come pregapped at .031. You will increase your mph to 115 or more.
Originally posted by QuicksilverMD:
<STRONG>Run the ngk 3330s, They come pregapped at .031. You will increase your mph to 115 or more.</STRONG>
NGK3330s come pregapped at .0325, not .031.

Actually its .315 don't you stupid newbies know anything? :)
Thanks! I'll go and get the plugs. Actually the plugs were changed by the previous owner but with stock gap.

I do miss at 18psi. It wasn't happening with the 50/50 race gas.

Any other tips?


If you can't find the 3330s locally (I can't get them from my local NAPA), the 1095s are the same plug with a wider gap. I just gap them down to .031. Theoretically, you're better off starting with a smaller gap but they work fine for me.
Originally posted by Marcus Frost:
<STRONG>NGK3330s come pregapped at .0325, not .031.

Close enough...

Just change the plugs and don't mess with the pregap, Whatever it may be. :rolleyes:
What boost were you running?
I was running 18psi.
Thanks for the advice guys.

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