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Hey guys I am a new 94 TT owner I have a couple of questions. First what kind of tranny fluid should i run? Does ANYBODY HAVE A POWER WINDOW SETUP FOR THE DRIVERS SIDE!! Help please I cant drive my dawg if there is ANY chance of rain in the forcast :)

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Yes...only use the special fluid from Toyota parts dept.

Make sure that you specify that it takes "special" fluids for a Supra if you go to the Toyota dealer. Because of the rarity of Supras, most of the service men don't even know that it takes a special fluid. Also, all of their FLUSH machines are filled with regular fluid as well so chances are you will get the WRONG fluid if you just take it in and dont insist on the correct stuff. If the service men do not understand, make sure a mechanic gets involved...most of them will know what you are talking about. I guess this fluid is used in other special applications like in the RAV 4's and other cars.

This is SERIOUS!! I've heard of trannys grenading in less than 2 mos. after putting regular Dexron III type ATF.

I bought 4 gallons of the fluid from the toyota dealer. It comes in WHITE labeled gallon containers and it says TYPE IV fluid on the the container. The gallons are $33.00 that's just over $100 for 3.

I took these to my mechanic and he loaded the flush machine with this fluid and hooked it up to the tranny cooler lines. Then the car is started and the old fluid is replaced with new. This process takes ALL of the old fluid out...even from the converter.

They charged me $50 for the flush and there were a couple quarts left over that they kept and just deducted from my bill.

Good Luck!
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