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Infernoo said:
Hiya Mate,

No worries :) A mate helped me out so I am more than happy to give back...

After setting up these values, try Automatic mode first letting the Icolor learn by itself, then manual mode if you have no luck or don't like how it controls things:

This setting is accessible from the "Funct" menu accessible from the main menu:
1.) Set the exhaust gas bypass option set to AC - Set this up in the Funct menu

These settings are under the "Calib" menu accessible from the main menu:
2.) Under Speed Calibration, set to "4 Pulse"
3.) Under Tacho Calibration, set to "Keep 3000rpm"
4.) Under Power Calibration, set it to weight: 1580 (dependent on your car), 2WD, Power Loss 0, Wheel spin 10m

Finally, too high a gain value can be a big problem with boost spiking, and is best played around with to find a suitable value, but for stock turbos, start off with the 15-25 range. (As an example, imagine boost increasing extremely quickly... if it is increasing too quickly and you have set it at 1 bar, it will hit 1 bar and then the signal will be sent to open the wastegate, but in that time it may spike to 1.2 bar)
Just one comment- point #3: I think you are suppose to hold 3000 rpm and hit OK. This calibrates the readout. Of course, 3000 is safer than calibrating at redline :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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