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93 TT auto with BCC- HKS Carbon TI (older style) - Profec B spec II - RMM downpipe - Apexi Filter Kit - HKS ssq kit

So i finally hit BPU the other week and the car runs like ass. I have no idea what the problem is so i hope you guys can help a brother out.

The biggest problem is once i hit 1 BAR, no matter what gear or speed, the car seems to just stop (not literally). It feels like sumone tied a rope to the back of the car and is pulling the opposite direction, Its hard to explain but the car is much slower than stock. It SPOOLS up much faster.

On highway pulls it will hit 1bar, than start dropping to 0.6 BAR, it does the same thing at WOT were it feels like the car just doesnt wanna go. To get around this all i do it boost up to 0.7 BAR and let go off the gas than keep tapping the gas and repeating (sounds dumb, but witht he pedal down the car pulled much stronger in stock mode.

Also this profec B is a bitch, for sum reason when it urn the controller off, it doesnt let me boost past 0.4 BAR with the same Problem ABOVE (at 0.4 bar though). And on HI MODE it wont let me boost past 0.5 BAR (with the same problem listed ABOVE.

Im assumin its the profec B, as i wantred to make sure this thing works, so i maxed all the gains out and it actually decreased boost, than i put the gains to around 30% and it increased boost??????????????

sorry for the long paragrahp, plz help thanks

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1: do a search for mtr secret sauce... do the spring mod
2: voltage tune your bcc in accordance with
3: verify Boost controller installation
4: turn your gains down, i'd start with your main boost at about 20 and gain at about 10
then while doing a couple short highway pulls slowly increase your main boost until it hits the desired level, which should be 18lbs or less on stock twins and pump gas IMO...
5:if it falls off at add a few percent to your dain in 2-3 incriments, if it spikes, reduce your gain...


if you think the only problem is the profec, leave the main boost at 30 and the next gain setting add a few percent...

good luck!
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