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I have two of the following MKIV bars for sale. I'm located right next to the Santa Teresa DMV. Sorry if the pics came out huge. I'm not on the forums much so give me a call or leave a text, thanks.

Pictures of other items beside bars are here :

Call or text Shawn @ 408-722-6216
(Im usually @ work so I can't pick up)

1. Greddy BBC - sold

2. Rear Cusco Carbon Fiber strut bar - sold

3. NEW MKIV TT Hawk Front Brake Pads - $80

4. NEW IN BOX, MKIV Apexi Intake - $120
(tested best intake for MKIV!)

5. Toyota Supra TT MKIV coil packs with 50k. - $220
In excellent shape!

Selling the DP and wideband together. DP has the bung welded in for the WB. No separating.


6. Tanabe BPU Downpipe - SOLD

7. Innovate LC1 LC-1 Wideband DB Gauge Complete Kit SOLD
8. MAP ECU 1 - $200 sold.

9. NEW OEM rear TT brake pads - $50

10. OEM 97 MKIV stock antenna assembly - $120

11. NGK (2668) BKR8EIX Iridium IX Spark Plug - $40

( Great plugs to fix misfiring issues on BPU or APU MKIV's. My first set is still going strong after 20k of driving)

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> 2. Rear Cusco Carbon Fiber strut bar

I'll take it. Sent you a text. Waiting on shipping total and paypal address.
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