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bpu question asap

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aiite guyz i juss have my n/a supra and if i put some lil things on it say :
1)hks mega flow
2)greddy mx exhaust
3)hks ignition box
4)ignition wires
5)ngk platinum plugs
6)a good oil change LoL j/p

how much hp increase could i expect and also what might my 1/4 times be at after that?? any help please?
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Go Electric

Get an electric fan also. Don't know the numbers, but a noticable difference in torque. Also look for that PS to manual steering swap coming up.
you'd add some hp for sure... i'd say 25-40
but you're 1/4 times is really dependent of the driver... i'd say low 14s, high 13s are possible (someone correct me if i'm wrong)
Whoah! Manual steering? Are you a wrestler, bodybuilder? Does your better half drive the car? Think about the manual steering thing...... Look at the performance per gain first;) P225ZR16's may be meatier than you think when it's time to parallel park!:thumbd:
Manual Steering

Not as unreasonable as you might suspect. Several members have posted about driving with the PS Rack & Pinion when their pump went out. First, you get rid of lots of expensive (when it's time to replace) hardware. Ring the ToyStore or NAPA and get the price of High Pressure PS hoses. Second, you remove a bit of weight: no pump, reservoir, hoses, or fluid, and eliminate the pump's drain on the motor. Third, you clean up the engine bay. Fourth, the Manual R&P has a different gearing than the Power version. Many years ago I owned a 1962 Jaguar MK III with a 3.8 litre DOHC, 4 speed + Laycock overdrive, and no Power nothing, which weighed close to what a Supra weighs. Of course it had a steering wheel with about a 27 inch diameter, but it was quite drivable.
get some headers, that will increase hp a considereably amount
dude one off the best mods you can do is get a set of underdrive pulleys if they make them for your car....they awesome
Yeah the electric fan BUT if you ever go turbo you might want to go back to the belt driven fan for the better cooling purposes when your not moving. Pulleys should help a bit too but im not sure how much i do know i was told that on our cars the electric fan should make a considerable difference on the rotating mass. I planned on doing that next maybe with the pulleys since they all seem to be in the same area.
I might argue about the fans. I have found the electric fan gives much better cooling at idle.

My Flex-a-lite 210 is rated at 2500 CFM. If you stand beside the car at idle and the fan cuts on, it's as though you were in a paint-drying chamber. The problem with the belt-driven is it is only turning at the speed of the motor (relatively speaking), and consequently is running its slowest when there is no other air flow due to the car's forward motion. Since the fan is controlled by a separate thermostat, you can set it to come on at any temperature. Also it will not be on while the car is warming up, which is especially nice in winter.
93Suprazz93,I think you got enough mods to start out. :) Lemmee know when you get 1/4 mi times, dyno runs:D
The Reason i said to go with the belt driven fans IF you go turbo is because i have heard some of the TT guys telling me they were having cooling problems in traffic with a Front Mount Intercooler with the Electric fans but with the belt driven fans they were ok. On a naturally Aspirated Engine you should be fine either way but with electric fans you should free up some horses. So if you have a front mount im told you wanna go with the belt driven fan if its a daily driver or you are sittin in traffic.
these underdrive they make the car less liveable? are they a direct bolt on and do you have to tune them?

who makes headers for NA's?
On the underdrive Pulleys i have heard some people had problems with the AC in the TT models but i believe those were the cheaper versions. I think the better versions are like Unorthadox brand eliminate that problem. They are a direct bolt on and do not need to be tuned. The stock pulleys you have running all your accessories now are a little heavier so the engine needs to put more oomph into turning those pulleys. With the Underdrive ones the engine puts less effort into turning your accessory pulleys and puts it toward putting power to the wheels. It has less Rotating Mass. As far as headers go i havent seen any from a major brand ive seen Borla ones for like around 1k but i think the web site i was checkin for them on was just listing headers for some other inline 6 engine. Otherwise keep checkin or check into having some custom made if you would like them.
Brett, it makes sense with a TT since there will be a time where there is no air flow over the intercooler when the electrics shut down and you are stopped. I hate to even think about an override that turns on at low speed but still honours the thermostat at high speed. However, if I had a TT, I might think about a separate external thermostat on the intercooler, as well as on the radiator.

I imagine an electric water pump would be nice too, as there is quite a drain (no pun intended) on the motor cranking that as well. I have never seen one for a Toyota however, just the Ford/Chevy dragsters in the Jeg's catalogue. Of course, you are going to need a bigger alternator driving all those electric motors. Perhaps we need to go to 24 volt systems;)
Check out I was scrolling down the n/a members list & found a 98 vvti owner with a tube header! Dude never returned my email though::(
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