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Hey, I'm looking around for a good BPU kit. I got a 97 TT wit nutting more than a bomex body kit. Any suggestions would be good. Oh, I'm willing to spend up to 2 grand. Thanx .

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BCC($100)<--first things first


Intake($200)<----not really needed just get a k&n drop in filter =around $50 and you will be ok

Exhuast($600 or more) a good used one runs around $300

Boost Gauge(electrical around $275 maual around $200)

egt guage (around $275 with peak hold a must )

boost controler (from $$300 to 500)

bov(hks ssbov around $270)

free mods look at

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BCC is boost cut controller
EGT is Exhaust Gas Temperature

you should probably check out o read some more
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