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What would it take for a 350z to keep up with a Bpu Supra from 60 - 100? (that dude hit his brakes at 100 :rant2: ) I let him jump first and caught up but until then we were pretty much side by side.

On another note... anyone else still use the AVC-R with 2 boost settings?? hehe. I unfortunately still do. And for storage I turned it down for the lower boost setting and NEVER turned it back up for the recent races! :tear: So he and another modded 91 300zx hung with me too! But now I turned back up the boost. I made 428rwhp on high boost and 375rwhp on low boost (dynoed at 2 different times).

I don't drive the car much so I haven't changed the plugs for that entire year and some. :ugh2: I can't imagine that to help. Plus my engine mounts are pretty dead.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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