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Hey guys waht's up..

Well my buddy just made his 1993.5 tt six speed bpu, it has the hks hyper exhaust, RMM downpipe, RPS clutch, greddy intake, hks bov and the boost cut controller.

now he has a profec B on order, but he felt he needed high boost for the time being, so he did the t mod.

i got the chance to drive the car around today after he said it was freaking out.


it seems to jump around on the boost at lower rpms under wot up until 4800-5000 rpm where it slams to 17-18 psi and just freaking, oh man, takes off i guess you can say it.

this thing is a rocket from 5000-6500.

its not torquey and flat like my 300zx, but it's still absolutely awesome.

i was just wondering if this is how all stock twinturbo supras perform under bpu. if not, any suggestions as to why you think it's happening..

thanks a bunch

im down here in tampa if any tampa supra guys wanna fix this car up so it can MAYBE beat my 1985 300zx

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yeah....that's like how I felt first time 3weeks ago when I finally have my BPU parts in my car.

at 4500 when the 2nd turbo hits....."Time for takeoff " :D

Now we have snow again so I can't drive the car now :(

:cool: :cool:

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cool so basically its nto until the 2nd turbo hits that the car really takes off?

cool then, nothings wrong with this dawg!

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I wouldn't exactly say it has nothing before 4500, but the HP doubles between 4000 and 4500 for my car :D

I made these torque numbers at the engine:

300 ft-lb at 3000 rpm

(similar to a Mustang GT, not bad a little 3.0L I-6!!)

315 ft-lb at 3800 rpm

465 ft-lb at 4500 rpm

325 ft-lb at 6500 rpm

300 ft-lb at 6900 rpm

Supras actually make tons of torque, its just that most of it is above 4000 rpm. I saw a supercharged Cobra Mustang the other day make 450 RWHP but only 385 RWTQ. Still impressive but a Supra would have probably made 475 RWTQ at that HP level with the twins. Actually, Andi made I think 474 RWHP and 519 RWTQ with his maxed out twins, no NOS!! :D :D

Cruising around in gear you can get great roll-on acceleration as long as you are at least close to 3000 rpm. I never drive with the engine below 2000 rpm. Just doesn't seem right. ;)
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