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I wouldn't exactly say it has nothing before 4500, but the HP doubles between 4000 and 4500 for my car :D

I made these torque numbers at the engine:

300 ft-lb at 3000 rpm

(similar to a Mustang GT, not bad a little 3.0L I-6!!)

315 ft-lb at 3800 rpm

465 ft-lb at 4500 rpm

325 ft-lb at 6500 rpm

300 ft-lb at 6900 rpm

Supras actually make tons of torque, its just that most of it is above 4000 rpm. I saw a supercharged Cobra Mustang the other day make 450 RWHP but only 385 RWTQ. Still impressive but a Supra would have probably made 475 RWTQ at that HP level with the twins. Actually, Andi made I think 474 RWHP and 519 RWTQ with his maxed out twins, no NOS!! :D :D

Cruising around in gear you can get great roll-on acceleration as long as you are at least close to 3000 rpm. I never drive with the engine below 2000 rpm. Just doesn't seem right. ;)
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