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I have been a domestic guy, for most of my 18 years. I have recently fallen in love with the Supra after viewing "Getaway in Stockholm 2. :drooling:" I'm not sure if anyone has seen this but it sort of gave me a whole bunch of respect to the import scene. I am currently planning a T-88 Single Supra project with the knowledge I currently have now of the Supra. I am wondering about the lingo used in this immediate community.. What is BPU? MKIV? I hate to post questions like this, but we all have to start somewhere and that happens to be at the bottom.. :mad:


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BPU= basic performace upgrades
intake, downpipe, exhaust, boost cut controller, boost controller.
mkiv = fourth gen. (mark 4) supra
check out for more info on the supra

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It is possible to have the same performance of a BPU at the track with 0.00 dollars worth of mods. This isn't the healthest thing to do to your Supra but It will get you low 12s (6spd or auto) and even high 11s. (with auto or 6spd if you are an expert driver.)

Intake ----------- Take the stock intake completely off
exhaust ----------- Dissconnect the exhaust at the first cat
/downpipe and run straight pipe....just let it hang
Boost Cut Cont --------- Do the free boost cut mod.
Boost Cont. --------- Due the bleeder-T mod.

Ofcouse you wouldn't drive around like this all the time. I'm just saying that you could do it at the track. Most of you have probably already thought of this. I wouldn't recommend this or even do it myself, just some food for thought.
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