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brake light problems please help

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ok on my 93 na-t the running lights work but when i hit the brake peddle only the 3rd brake light lights up. at first i thought it was either a fuse or bulb i bought 4 new bulbs didnt work i checked every fuse it doesnt look like its a fuseunless its one of the big fuses inside the fuse box can some help cause i've had close encounters with people almost hitting me and that will suck.
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yup that'll do it... it went on mine too. Mine happened before I knew of this great thing called Supraforums and I was brilliant enough to let Toyota do it for a measly $400 or so, lol.
That happened to me to but i took it to my mechanic and he fixed for $30 he did something with the same box thats pictured in that link. i guess i got lucky, I hate toyota service centers they over charge for everything.
damn thats what it isdoes anyone have one they can get rid of for cheap i will send paypal
update: i removed the sensor and the connector looks a little burnt nothing wrong with the circuit board that i see imma replace the connector and go from there thanks for the help
Hey thanks for the link I was having the same problem and pulled mine out and reheated all the works! I just saved $$$$$$$

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