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hey i was driving my supra the other i had the visor down..
it kinda limits the view alil cuz of the sun;s angle...and i didnt notice a
redlite ((hey it was green last time i checked!! )) anyway i see cars
coming out the other way and am like oh sh!t. so i get on the braked rather
quickly((from between 40-50mph), and the right front wheel locked up for a
moment, gave a squeal, and then i got stopped short of harms way. is this
the way ABS is supposed to work? i thought it would eliminate lockup all
together. anyway..this morning after washing the car the brakes were pretty
squeaky so i took the car around the block. i went to about 25 mph and then
hit the brakes hard to make sure they were working right after the hard stop
yesterday. again the right front locked up momentarily and let out a slight
bark. after that the squeaking returned to whats normal for supras with the
"squeak" and i kept going aroudn the block and every once in a while hit the
brakes hard. never locked up the rest of the time. nice smooth, no pulse
what so ever...just hard controlled braking...what was up those two times?
any comments? just dumb luck and freak situations? i dont want to be
locking up in a closer call than this one. either way, STRONG BRAKES KEPT ME
OUTA TROUBLE. gotta love the supra

How do you know that the wheel locked up? Just because a wheel squeeks doesn't mean that it locked up. Was there a black streak on the road?
When I brake really hard, my wheels routinely screech, but they are still spinning and able to give directional control to the car. Try slamming on your brakes as hard as you can, like you probably did that day, and I'll bet that they do the same thing. Anti-Lock isn't perfect. If you've ever seen a video of an ABS car stopping at the limit, there's routinely quite a bit of screeching, and the tire might even lock up right before the car stops.
From what you have written, it sounds like your car is acting fine.


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from what u said its probly fine...i 99% sure it locked up because i felt something that felt like locking in the front right. i have tried repeating it and most of the time they dont get that way..they work nice. when i hit the brakes hard that felt like you could actually feel it from the drivers position. and it wasnt the routine screech i get was the same time of sound you'd get from doin a burnout...the nice sqeal of tire and road. like i said..most of the time its perfect...i tried repeating it and i got it once yesterday...same spot right front. but then after that everything was good and fine again.
no i didnt skid or anything..i still stopped quick. it just felt bad in that one area of the car...didnt feel anything from the rest of the car...maybe what i felt was the suspension being compressed..the only reason i wrote cuz it was only from the front right side.
PS. i didnt hang around to look for black marks..i was already into the intersection i figured id get out quick so i just kept going....:rolleyes:
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