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This 12" Orion subwoofer is the baddest sub to hit the car audio scene in years. Nothing else even comes close. Rated at 1,200 watts, they offer incredible control and low frequency extension and weigh in at an awesome 45 lbs. They deliver the most SPL possible for their size.

Two 8" diameter magnets
2-stage suspension system
Santoprene surround
Optimized for vented enclosures.
Satisfaction guaranteed
If your know anything about car audio you know orion is great
As you saw that kid talking about if there is room for his 2 15ns
No need this 12 inch orion hcca would hit just as hard as those 2 15ns with the right watts.. Yes thats right
Retail for this sub 550+
Brand new in box.. First 300 takes it thanks:eek: :eek:

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I've heard them, I've seen them, I've installed them. They are sick subs yes, but alone I dont know. That's alot more air from three subs. Compared to that single sub. Plus my box is almost done it's all custom and houses 2 12"s.

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I Belive that DD's or MASS are louder than the hcca? im not sure, but hcca are excellent subs which i really wanted, but i have no car so no point...
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