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Brass Downpipe!

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Anyone with a Brass Downpipe?

I am fabricating a new downpipe in brass that eliminates both the cats. Is there anyone with a brass downpipe? Is there a difference in the sound coming from a Brass downpipe Vs Stainless Steel DP? I will know in the next few days! Will let you know.:cool:
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May I ask why you are using brass as opposed to stainless or inconel? I think you will be experiencing a lot of problems with using brass to fabricate an exhaust downpipe, especially on a turbo car. Brass is a very soft metal and does not stand up too well to high heat and has a low melting point which means you'll have a tough time welding the flanges onto it. You would have to braze the flanges on there, which is just like soldering, and soon as the brazed joints get hot from the exhaust you'll lose its integrity. Add a little vibration from the engine a you've just lost your downpipe. Also be aware that brass corrodes extremely fast when not protected from the elements.

If you're looking for the expensive route try mild steel. It's a little harder to work with than brass but it's cheap.
OH!!!!! Well I guess I was ill advised by the fabricater? I just called my mechanic to tell him what you just said and I guess we should make it in stainless, so better safe than sorry. ay!!
Thank you so much for your advice!!!
:D :D
Yeah, stainless would be your best bet. Let us know how it works out and post some pics before you bolt it in.;)
Will do!!!
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