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Bridgestone Potenza SO3's vs BFG's

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Yes, I have read in this Australian Tech Guide and it said that the Bridstone SO3's were the best street racing tires...but then again almost everyone on the forums recommend the BFG's...which one is better?
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Well aside from the fact that you are lucky to get 10K miles out of a set of S-03's they are excellent tires. Fairly comparable to the older s-02 but newer technology in the tread design. Suck in water however. But at this size all tires do.

I highly recomend them if you are willing to fork out the $$$ for them.. Only problem is that they dont make an 18" tire in a 35 series wider then a 275. :( the S-02 used to come in sizes as large as 295 in a 35 series.

Good luck

pole position all the way.
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. :D Smooth quiet ride! Sticks to the ground wet or dry! Long lasting!? Well, I only drove it 3,000 miles.
But, I like it so far. Beats my old Yokoyama & Nitto tires.
Try This Link

Tire Rack has done a variety of tests and has user survey results.

Net: among the current crop the S03 is probably best, but the Pilot Sport and Pirelli Russo care very close. The Pirelli gives a slight bias toward ride...which may be nice on a street driven TT.

The BFG KD (and older an no longer available Michelin MXX3s) had more traction, lower wear rating (140-160 vs current 220-240), and rougher ride. The KDs are actually somewhere inbetween.

Another interesting tire is the new ContiSportContact 2. It comes standard on Porsche TTs (I so one on the dealer's first X50) and is available in a 295/30-18 (the others stop at 285/30 before mega-widths).

Tire Rack Comparison Test

Something radical for the street: use Kumho Ecsta V700s. These are 6/32nd tread, 50 wear rating race tires. Around $800/set, these tires will easily exceed any of the others on traction. Based on my experience with my '86 MR2 on Yokohama A008Rs, expect about 5k miles. They come in 265/35-18 and 285/30-18. They will be a handful in the wet.
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