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I just got the greddy three row and was wondering about the problem with blocking air to the radiator. Is it a real problem, should I get the radiator panal?

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Panel helps. You should ONLY get Nomura panel with the FMIC, since in stock form there is a plastic panel that does the same job. Read description again.

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lets just put it this way. FMIC without Bruces panel=foolish.
it makes your engine bay looks 100times better than the huge hole.

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my friend also makes them for $50.00 but unlike the one from mohd he can make them asap and you dont need to wait for other people to order them !l mohd needs 20 or more people before he makes any i have heard!

the cutouts are lasercut, the aluminum is 0.062 thick, and it is machined on a CNC machine you can polish them for a nice shiny look or paint them if you want!
my friends item lays on top of the bumper, underneath the black strip of weatherstripping and the metal guide,(unlike mohd that goes underneath the bumper this will raise the height of the bumper by the thickness of the panel) this unit and bolts right onto the factory bolts on top. Since it's on top of the bumper, it doesn't affect the height of the bumper at all. It will raise the level of the weatherstripping a tiny bit since it's underneath it, but nothing that looks out of place or even noticeable with the hood open or shut.

The panel was designed for those w/ a fmic since you have to remove the stock radiator panel, but you can also put one on w/ the stock ic.

The differences noticed were that Mohd seems to sell a truely universal panel for both 6spds and automatics. The autos have an extra screw on the right side of the center latch which he has a cutout for on all panels, 6 spds do not have this screw there, so if you have a 6speed, you'll have an unnecessary cutout there unless he has a 6 spd version but I didnt see one listed. You can see the screw that i'm referring to in his pics. He has an auto so that would explain that, and we mostly have 6 spd so this one doesnt have that extra cutout. The only other thing I noticed was that the cutouts for the 5 slots and the 2 hood latches are quite a bit bigger than my friends, his are just smaller and more precision cut to fit it appears, the 5 slots arent visible once installed though, the 2 hood latches are.

Buy his panel if you want, he's a great guy and very helpful to the mkiv community. If he runs out and needs to wait to order 20 more, then my friend can help you out. my friend can also make them custom to 6 spds or autos so you dont have that extra cutout if you have a 6 spd...I'd say that's the biggest drawback to his if you have a 6 spd. Other than that, his definitely looks like it's a quality peice and his is $1 cheaper than my friends.

if your interested let me know hes making mine and a few more as we speak and i should have it in a couple of days!

send me a PM and ill give you his info so you can talk to him yourself!
dont forget to tell him i sent you ;)
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