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I recently picked up another 2JZ, which I'm going to take apart in the coming weeks. However I have a question for some of you folks.. I've been looking on ebay just to see whats available out there.. obviously we have great sponsors such as Boost-Logic and the others who make kits but I'm talking about the cheap stuff. I came across a few items and wanted to see what you guys thought. Are these worth buying?

Mods: If this thread violates any rules feel free to edit/delete, and please note I am not affiliated with any of the products for sale.

I came across this intake manifold:

I also came across this set of Rods:

piston rings:

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I wouldn't run engine parts that I have never seen nor heard of before. There is kinda too much as stake to be risking on that. If you are gonna rebuild the engine, use quality parts. It really isn't that much more expensive for just ACL stuff.
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