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Building a Test Bench ? (T. Kenyon, anyone who owns/works at a shop)

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How do I go about building a test bench ? I want one in my basment. I've got the bench, how do I do the electrical part ?
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If all you are wanting to do is "test" equipment then you will need these things.

12 volt power supply. Radio Shack has one that is 15 amps and is about $100. You might find a larger one but they really start getting expensive as you go up in amperage. Our 200 amp power supplies for our soundrooms are about $1500.

A headunit and at least one pair of speakers.

Make "jacks" for the RCA inputs of the deck & speakers. Usually use a spring terminal from a pre-fab box for the speaker inputs. Use some female RCA connectors for the input of the deck.

Have spring clipped wires for your power, ground and remote turn-on. These will come directly from you power supply.

Incorporate a "switch" so that you can switch from the decks internal power to a amp ( so that you can "test" a amp" with your speakers on the bench)

That's about it.. not too difficult if you understand the way car audio is wired.

Thomas Kenyon
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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