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Well as im sure lots of you know my build .... its been years in the making ....and its finally finished (almost) Still need to get more dyno time to do the water meth tuning . No real plans on doing a race gas tune yet , I just wanna drive the car and enjoy it for the first time in 5 years lol .

A little run down on the car , most of the mods are in my sig ....

9.0:1 / 3.0L
Stock mains with +625 ARP bolts and an MVP Girdle .
Carrillo Rods (also with +625 bolts)
JE asymetrical Pistons
ACL bearings
Modded oil pump
Titan Stage 3 race head with shimless buckets and 280/9.9mm lift Titan cams
HKS adjustable cam gears
Hypertune intake with 102mm throttle body
Mercury 1a coil upgrade (these are insane coils)
id1000 injectors
Aquamyst HFS-6 , with dual nozzles (running lots of meth when we get to it)
Weldon 1100a external pump fed by a surge tank with an intank walbro 450
ETS 5" intercooler .
Koyo Rad
Setrab front mount oil cooler
Custom full 4" turbo back exhaust .
Fullrace twin scroll mani
BW S467.7 FWM with 1.10AR
OS Gieken R3C clutch

Haltech Elite 2500 with boost control and all the bells and whistles
Haltech , Fuel pressure sensor , Fuel temp sensor , IAT sensor
Innovate wideband

Our elevation here in Calgary Alberta is 3300ft/above sea level ... sucks for making power lol ... dyno graph is pump gas

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